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Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset is in lightweight and fits comfortably. It will be easy to set up and connect to two Smartphone’s so that you will answer calls from either one. This Bluetooth will be lightweight and designed to comfortably fit either ear.

Design and features

This is made of matte black plastic with a shiny blue accent ring will run along the perimeter. The plastic ear hook will be the same shade of blue. The headset is an on-ear design. There will be no alternative ear tips in the package. The headset is comfortable to wear for long periods at a time.

The hook will be adjusted to wear on your left or right ear. Plantronics explorer will be lightweight, comfortable and easy to use Bluetooth headset. This design will fit to comfortable for the ear. This device will be built in li-Ion rechargeable battery.

This device will be connecting to two smartphones so that you will answer calls and up to 11 hours talk time. There will be noise reduction technology for clear calls, hear music and GPS direction. Bluetooth headset will have voice alerts for battery and connection status.

This headset activates Smartphone voice dial and there will be hibernation mode to save power. This pack will be complete with USB charging cable. It also works for streaming music and GPS directions.


B. Mowry – I’m happy with the quality and size of this bluetooth. My concern is that the ear bud is like a “funnel” – which I think is supposed to help with outer noise reduction. But, it doesn’t stay fitted within the ear – as with models that have the rubber tip. This makes staying in place completely dependent on the plastic loop. I like that the loop can be flipped and used in either ear. But, I imagine it will break at some point. I’ve had another model of a Plantronics Bluetooth for a couple years, and the replacement rubber tips and earloops are substandard than what came with the original unit. Anticipating that this loop might break over time, I’m concerned about finding an equally nice one.

R. Gonzalez – Plantronics is a known brand of Bluetooth headsets, so I expected a good product. Being a budget for just $20 I was skeptical at first, but I was soon surprised. I love the button/switch that turns on/off the headset, that’s really easy. Also, when it turns on it tells you how many hours of talk time you have. At full charge it’s 10 hours. I think in practice it might last less, maybe 5 hours, I have yet to test it. As for sound quality you hear, the volume is kind of low but it’s acceptable. The sound picked up by the microphone is clear, my people say.

Stephanie – This works great. I wish the introductory “power on, talk time 9 hours, phone1 connected’ would go away when a call is ringing, it takes too much time. Also, I have the m50 model in my car. There is a confusing feature in each of these models: this one shows a green tab when it’s on, and black tab when off, the m50 shows a red tab when off, black when on. Maybe, Plantronics, you could add a red and green tab to the next version, to eliminate any guesswork. I really like the micro-usb charging port, all of my cell devices are micro-usb and will be for as long as possible.

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The Explorer 50 is inexpensive and comfortable with call quality and great battery life. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset with noise suppression then you can prefer to this headset. This is highly recommended for drivers. This Bluetooth will pair up with two devices simultaneously. It will have clear sound, comfortable fit, and long battery life.

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