Most Common Places Burglars Search When Breaking in

Home Are A Burglars Favorite

No one wants to become a victim of crime. After all, there are the feelings of violation, loss of property, damage to the home and time spent filling out paperwork and then replacing the stolen and damaged items. Worst of all is the loss of items that had sentimental value or are family heirlooms. Unfortunately, according to stats from Alarm System Review, there is a residential robbery every 8 seconds in North America.

Where Are Burglars Most likely to Enter One’s Home?

Crime experts have determined that various parts of a home are more likely to be used by a burglar and why this is the case. Consider the following percentages found at Alarm System Reviews:

  • 35% of burglars enter through the front door by kicking it in or forcing it open.
  • 23% of thieves enter through first floor windows; more surprising is that the windows were left unlocked.
  • 22% of break-ins were through the back door. This is thought to be because the thief has more privacy due to shrubbery, fences, etc. to jimmy the lock and enter a bit more quietly.
  • 4% of thieves will enter through the basement; the reason this number is low is because so many people do not have basements, especially in states like Florida or other coastal regions.
  • 9% of break-ins are through the garage. Sadly, many tools will use the homeowner’ own tools to break into the home. Don’t overlook including the garage when adding a home security system!
  • 6% of home burglaries occur through unlocked entrances and or storage areas.

Keeping Thieves Out

Once homeowners are aware of potential entrance points, it is easier to make adjustments to prevent becoming a target. There are many ways to make one home uninviting to burglaries. One such way is with a security system. And while this may be an additional monthly expense, it doesn’t have to be.

According to statements found on Local Price, home monitoring systems range in price from as low as $13 in Atlanta, $26 in Phoenix or $30 in Washington, D.C. Home security systems go a long way toward keeping one’s valuable possessions and loved ones safe from harm. By having such a good system installed individuals can not only protect one’s home from without but also within in cases of carbon monoxide, flooding, fire and easy 911 calling.

Additional steps to keep one’s home uninviting to a burglar are:

  • Keep yards neat; shrubbery and hedges should be trimmed so that they do not provide hiding places
  • Install motion detectors with lights that will alert residents of any outdoor activity
  • Always activate the home monitory system whether one is home or away

Burglar proofing one’s home is not a difficult task nor is one that will be wasted time. Don’t make it easy for a thief to enter through the areas listed here, whether one is a homeowner or using rental property, taking steps to prevent crime is an important part of protecting what matters most.